Vol.638 上苍保佑灵魂自由的人们


本期为Soul Jazz灵魂爵士乐专题。 Funky means earthy and blues-based. It might not be blues itself, but it does have that ‘down-home’ feel to it. Soul is basically the same, but there’s an added dimension of feeling and spirit. ——Horace Silver 我感到此刻我的体内正升腾起一片祥和的光。 Cover from Maurizio Pichi.

Vol.638 上苍保佑灵魂自由的人们插图1


      1 Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! Live at ‘The Club’
      2 The Righteous Reed! The Best Of Poppa Lo
      3 Soul Jazz Records Presents : Studio One Ironsides
      4 fro-Harping
      5 Takin’ Off
      6 The Very Best Of Jazz
      7 Groove Elation
      8 Good Vibes
      9 Back at the Chicken Shack
      10 Change Is Gonna Come
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