Vol.514 爱如歌 生不带来


Not for the days we have been through,I will never notice that love is like a song and nothing else. You may say it is the reality makes us come to this stage, you don’t want to behavior out of the ordinary. And I would say how pathetic you are when you were giving me your pledge that you want a meaningful life. I have been thinking about a line Kevin Spacey says in American Beauty, “”…but you know what,it is never too late to get it back…””,so yes, it is never too late to get my own life back,I don’t feel myself living in this world for such a long Time. You just go and May you happy. ————————————————————————- 本期电台音乐文字来自Pedro

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      1 Ignites the Evolution: 2006 Zippo Hot Tour
      2 Hello Hurricane
      3 The End Of The Beginning
      4 Marry
      5 Melankton
      6 Time
      7 杨千墀
      8 失语症
      9 The Last Party
      10 Fragments of a Rainy Season
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