Vol.309 Across The Sea…


Trying to look across the sea to imagine what lies afar. Is like hoping for others what will never be or touching a shining star. You can never bear another’s pain, or feel another’s sorrow. And though you try again and again, you will never possess their tomorrows. Give until your heart is blue and your feet can walk no more. Give but know that it is not you who must carry this burden for. You can leave if you want when things get tough.

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      1 Tuxedo of Ashes
      2 Giulia Non Esce La Sera
      3 Late Night Fina
      4 Homemade Ship
      5 Naked
      6 Replica Sun Machine
      7 Hours
      8 You Are The Beat
      9 Moon Food
      10 Pale Silver And Shiny Gold
      11 I Mistici dell’Occidente
      12 It’s Spring
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