Vol.305 God is dead. My first last.


Now it’s coming to an end The first Time for me This is the last embrace of my life All points are tied up in a line I’m understanding now This is the structure of our world As the end approaches A flood of memories This is the last thing I recall I feel your lovely singing I feel your tender smile for me I feel your innocent heart I knew it My life was to love you My soul is now one with the universe

Vol.305 God is dead. My first last.插图1


      1 Bach: Goldberg Variations
      2 Grace
      3 No More Shall We Part
      4 O
      5 Infinite Love Songs
      6 Bach; Gluck: Piano Transcriptions
      7 Dead Lovers Sarabande Vol.2
      8 Vac
      9 Plays Chopin
      10 The Doors
      11 Eye Of The Hunter
      12 Whatever You Love, You Are
      13 Primal Light
      14 BEAST
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      THE END
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