Vol.114 Everything Will Flow


Watch the day begin again 看着新的一天再次开始 Whispering into the night 转而又进入黑夜 See the pretty people play 望着可爱的人们 Hurrying under the light 在灯光下匆忙嬉戏 A million cars, a million trains 无数辆汽车 无数的长队 Under the jet plane sky 在喷气式飞机飞过的天空下 Nothing lost and nothing gained 什么也没有失去 什么也没有得到 Life is just a lullaby 生命正如一首催眠曲 —

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      1 Sound Of Defeat EP
      2 We Can Create
      3 Swinging Popsicle
      4 The Sun and the Moon
      5 Let It Snow, Baby…Let it Reindeer
      6 Opaline
      7 Rio
      8 Marshmallow
      9 aze
      10 乐队小样
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